I realized that whenever I started working on a game the code and game-play logic often gets convoluted to the point where I am not sure which objects are related to which anymore . . .

Often when I try to search for game structures I can’t seem to find the kind of guidance I am looking for.
So as bad is this one might be hopefully it can serve as a reference for those that might be looking for one.

My approach to scripting in unity makes extensive use of manager objects because it was what I learned first when I initially started out.

< Gameplay Flow >

  • By this I mean how the game progresses from the Main Menu to character selection to actual play of course this is just an example and may differ for the games you are trying to make.

< Gameplay Logic >

    • The games code & logic best to abide by the Single-Responsibility Principle & have your scripts handle just one task otherwise you`re going to drown in a boatload of coupling.


  • Example given here is for an simple offline death-match style FPS.

  • This is merely an approach I use when making games & if you have a better method, please do write it in the comments or send me an email. I would love to learn more about it. 😀
  • I plan to write another post about how I handle the Spawners using object pooling.